Aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel

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Especially being produced for various purposes. Lifespan is fourfold in
comparison with other ordinary galvanized steel sheets. Effective corrosion resistance. Good heat resistance. The anti-finger layer is equipped:
• Stain proof and oxidization resistance.
• Keeping the surfaces of the products shiny for a long time.
• Preventing scratches on the coating layers during the process of forming and rolling

Technical details:

T-bend 0T~2T 
Tensile strength Min 270MPa
Coating mass (g/m2) Hoa Sen

*AZ50 *AZ70  *AZ100 *AZ150 *AZ180 *AZ200

Phương Nam:

*AZ70 *AZ100 *AZ150

Base metal thickness 0.15 ~1.9mm
Coil width 750~1250mm

The ”AZ” code is used for the aluminium-zinc coated layer.  

Application: Microwave Oven, Washing Machine Base (DQ), Electric Range Fan Duct, Air Conditioner Part (DQ), School Bus Sub-Floor, Duct, Garden Tools, bucket

Thickness:  ordered on customers ‘requirements



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