Pre-painted steel

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Introduction: One of the greatest features of prepainted steel is anti corrosion performance.This product has a durable painted finish, the strength of steel, the beauty and the additional corrosion protection of paint


  1. pre-painted galvanized steel sheeT
  2. pre-painted aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet
    Tôn màu
    Pre-painted steel

    technical details:


    T-bend 2T~4T
    Tensile strength Min 270MPa
    Top coating side
    Coating mass Tôn kẽm màu

    Tôn lạnh màu:

    *AZ50 *AZ100 *AZ150

    Base metal thickness 0.117 ~1.2mm
    Coil width 750~1250mm

    The ”AZ” code is used for the aluminium-zinc coated layer.  

    Color chart                         

    Thickness: ordered on customers ‘requirements


    Prepainted steel sheet is widely used in roofing, ventilator, furniture, etc

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