Pre-painted steel sheet is popular for high durability, wide application range and its aestheticism. Vinh Binh Steel introduces maintenance guide for this product.


The coil must be chocked and prevented from rolling and sliding impacting when it is transported. The dunnage by rock or steel is not allowed. The coil must be carefully covered to prevent it from getting wet by water.

Load and unload

The specialized tools are used to load-unload, lift-hook, raise-lower the coil lightly. The impacting is avoided.


Rolling rolls must be cleaned before the strip enters the rolling machine. It must always pay attention to iron fines sticked on rolls causing the strip surface scratch


Finish coils must be stored in the roofed warehouse. It must prevent water from penetrating into the coils. The coils must be placed on two wooden bars arranged lengthwise to separate the coils from directly contacting the floor. Wooden pieces are used to chock the coil laterally to prevent the coil from rolling, sliding, scratching, etc.

Steel sheet (after forming)

No drag the sheet on the floor because this may lead scratching.

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Reference: Tôn Phương Nam